Poem, “Effluvium,” Massachusetts Review, 2019.

Poem, “Bloom,” Colorado Review, 2019.

Poem, “Relativity,” (forthcoming) Cortland Review, 2019.

Poems, “Leap/Bound,” and “Savvy (Elegy for Google Glass)” in Gertrude Press, september 2019.

Poems, “Erotica,” “The Great Smoke Pall, 1950,” The Gettysburg Review, spring, 2019.

Poems, “Tonight, Unkempt,” “Grief, a Grammar,” december, 2018.

Poems, “Chastened,” “House Show,” NECK, 2018.

Poem, “Waste Recovery,”  Gulf Coast, 2018.

Poem, “Houseboat”, Poetry Northwest, 2018.

Poems, “Nonsomnolent,” “Lodgepole,”  SpoKe Poetry Annual, 2018.

Poem, “Vital Signs,” Poetry Daily, 2018.

Poem, “Hunting Season,” Poem of the Week, Narrative Magazine, Feb 19, 2018.

Poems, “Introduction (At least once…),” “Dusk,” “Introduction (At first I thought…)”, “Dénouement,”  RADAR,  2017/18.

Poem, “Electromagnetic,”  Barrow Street, Winter 2017.

Poem, “The Scientist Who Reveals…”  32 Poems, Summer 2017.

Poem, “Dear Skull,” Best American Poetry, Natasha Trethewey, ed., 2017.

Poems, “Semen,” “Spitshine,” Prairie Schooner, Summer 2017.

Poem, “bitches,” And Here: 100 Years of Upper Peninsula Writing, Ron Reikki, ed., Michigan State UP, 2017.

Poem, “Memorial,” Washington 129. Tod Marshall, ed. Sage Hill Press, 2017.

Poems, “Cover Stories” “Introduction,” “Span” Nimrod, Fall/Winter 2016

Poems, “Bodies,” “Vector,” “Break In,” “The Violence,” “Knock Knock,” “It’s Winter,” “Proposal,” in Not A Single Cell Stand Still, poetry/visual art collaboration with Sonja Dahl, 7×, March 2016.

Poem, “Dear Skull,” Georgia Review, spring 2016.

Essay, On Distance, Essay Daily, Ander Monson, ed., Oct 2015.

Poems, “Surface, Collembola Vernacular, Nomeclatural Acts, Animal Mineral Vegetable,” Soil Dwellers, Artist Book collaboration with Emilie Bess, Catherine Alice, & Melanie Valera, August 2015.

Poems, “Superior, Varsity Athletics, Until the Heavens Ring,”  Nimrod, Fall/Winter 2015.

Poem, “Rules of the Game” Knockout Literary Magazine, 2015.

Poems, “Vital Signs, Not in the Same Way Again,” Here: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Ron Riekki, ed. Michigan State UP, spring 2015.

Poem, “Lacustrine,” Crab Orchard Review, fall/winter 2015.

Poem, “Not in the Same Way Again,”  in Floating Bridge Review, summer 2014.

Poem, “Take Care, I Love You,” in Rock & Sling, spring 2014.

Poem, “Physical Education,” in Best New Poets, 2014.

Poems, Ways to Hunt Deer,” “My Father’s Datebook,” in The Way North: Collected Upper Michigan New Works, Ron Reikki, ed. Wayne State UP, 2013.

Poem, “My Dead Grandfather,” in The Far Field, Kathleen Flenniken, ed, 2013.

Poem, “ After Winter,” in Discoveries: New Writing from the Iowa Review, Russell Scott Valentino, ed. Iowa UP , 2012.

Poem, “Not in the Same Way Again,” in Mississippi Review, summer 2012.

Poems, “You Aren’t Sure & I May Not,” “After Winter, “My Dead Grandfather,” “Weight Training,” “Menstrual,” “Premises,” in The Iowa Review, winter 2011.

Story, “Old Machines,” in Salamander, winter 2010.

Poems, “Before Ghosts,” “Last of the Month,” “Vital Signs,” in The Florida Review, winter 2009.

Poem, “Parsimony,” in Oberon, 2009.

Poem, “Red and Rojo,” in Cutthroat, spring 2009.

Story , “Scrap Metal,” in The Republic of Letters, spring 2007 .

Story, “Wheat Dust,” in Faultline, Spring 2005.

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